What is Figtree Blue?

Medical Doctors

Figtree Blue is the new affordable option for international health insurance.

It offers an extensive range of hospital, medical and additional benefits for members and their families in order to protect them against the high cost of hospital treatment, doctors, and specialist fees.

Figtree Blue is specially designed for expatriates living in Cambodia and is available to Cambodians. You can purchase Figtree Blue for your family and your employees.

Benefits of Figtree Blue

Figtree Blue provides value-added services in addition to the comprehensive health coverage. It features:

Fast Approvals Fast Approvals, Prompt Claim Settlement
You are assured unrivaled reliability and efficiency. Backed by a strong local presence in Cambodia, you are guranteed fast approval of your health insurance application and speedy settlement in the event of claims.
Affordable Premium Affordable Premium
For as low as $458 per year for adults and $342 for children under 18, Figtree Blue gives access to many of the same benefits as most international health plans.
Worldwide Protection Worldwide Protection
Figtree Blue provides comprehensive protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year whether you are at work, at home or on holiday - worldwide.
Emergency Evacuation Emergency Evacuation
In the event when treatment is not available in the place of the incident, Figtree Blue covers for evacuation costs to the nearest appropriate facility. This cover is also extended to cover for the travel cost of your escort.
Outpatient Treatment Outpatient Treatment
When you purchase the Figtree Blue Super Plan, you can also extend the cover to include treatment received as an outpatient.